In Clinic Educational Classes

"We love to educate the people of Montreal, Canada on how to live with less chronic pain, stiffness and live more active lives. We do that by hosting educational classes throughout the year in Montreal Quebec. Please call 514 737 7246 for information on our next educational class and how you can apply to attend."

Want Help to Decide if Physiotherapy or Osteopathy is Right For You?

We understand that you may want to know more about the Cost and Availability of our unique, highly structured, and researched-based programs that get you back to feeling young, strong, and powerful. Just click the button below to get started!

We realize you may be skeptical or unsure if Physicentrix is right for you? Perhaps you had a bad experience in the past? Or you simply prefer to talk with an expert before making a decision? Just click the link below to apply for a Free, no-obligation Discovery Visit.

*Note: There is no treatment during your Discovery Visit. It’s for you to ask more questions and clarify your concerns. We can then confirm if one of our unique, individualized, high structured and researched-based programs can help you get back to feeling young, strong, and powerful again!

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