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After we have delivered on your health goals we can provide ongoing support, education, and motivation. This ensures you keep active and mobile and minimizes any risk of relapses or further complications down the line.

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What People Are Saying About
Physicentrix Montreal Physiotherapy Clinic…


MiMI L ea
This clinic is great. Very professional, courteous and pleasant!!! I am happy that I went there for my back, wrist and foot injuries. The physiotherapist did great diagnosis of the pain I had and was able to provide appropriate treatment and exercises not only to heal but also care on a long term persperctive. I had a great experience and I recommend this clinic.
Ashraf Abujazar
Honestly, I am not happy with the experience and regretted it, and I do not recommend anyone to it. There are many places that are cheaper and better. Through my observation, the patient is not interested and his recovery is more important to them than his money and arranging sessions for him is not in need. I regret paying the money in the wrong place
Everyone at Physicentrix is very professional, friendly and helpful! My therapist took the time to evaluate the state of my leg to create an appropriate treatment plan. At each session, he verified the actual state of my thigh, then explained what he was doing, answered my questions and carefully worked on my leg. With a conscientious work method, my limping leg progressively came back to its normal state. Now I can run, bike and get up without any problems. I continue to do exercises at home and will have follow ups for maintaining my activity levels to ensure everything is fine. Thanks again for all your help.
Jodi Kazenel
The team here is wonderful. Professional, courteous, willing and happy to answer any and all questions, and knowledgeable. Both physiotherapists I have seen here for my back pain have helped me immensely and I have nearly no back pain anymore. I still have a few sessions left. The admin team is so efficient, knowledgeable, and courteous in arranging appointments and dealing with insurance and payment.
Marc Antoine
Excellent service! Both in French and English! I had minor pain in my shoulder and after only 2 weeks it was all gone. I would recommend you go to Physicentrix!

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