Neck & Shoulder Pain

How To End Irritating, Daily Neck and Shoulder Pain in Montreal QuebecFrom Disturbing Sleep And Suffering All Day Long
with Physiotherapy and Osteopathy!

Are you a professional aged 35 to 65 years with neck or shoulder pain that’s holding you back from your busy lifestyle and making you feel old, weak, and powerless?

Is the problem keeping you from being your most productive self and taking you away from spending time doing activities you enjoy with the people you love?

We understand busy professionals like you don’t have time to worry about how to diagnose your own problems, come up with action plans, and figure out solutions that lead to long term success.

How are you supposed to do that?! 

It’s totally OVERWHELMING!

That’s why the team at Physicentrix has developed the Atlas Neck & Shoulder Program.

Keep reading to find out more…

We understand that you may want to know more about the Cost and Availability of our ATLAS NECK & SHOULDER PROGRAM. It’s a unique, highly structured, researched based program perfect for busy professionals who don’t have time to deal with their neck and shoulder pain and just want to get back to feeling young, strong, and powerful! Just click the button below to get started!

The Atlas Neck & Shoulder Program is great for people who struggle giving presentations at the office and working long hours at the computer. May also have difficulty putting on their shirt or bra, reaching over their head, or looking behind while driving. They can’t keep active and mobile due to neck or shoulder pain (may have tingling or numbness too) that makes them feel totally frustrated and irritated.

Why Should You Consider The Atlas Neck & Shoulder Program:

1) Easy-to-follow system so you can simply focus on implementing the plan, which means you don’t have to figure it out on your own or worry about what to do.

2) Weekly re-exams and follow-ups so you know exactly how everything is progressing, which means we can make quick corrections and improvements for added efficiency, that optimizes your time and money, and maximizes overall value.

3) Combination of effective research-based testing, techniques, and exercises that are specific to each level so you only need to focus on a few things at a time, which means it’s easy to do, requires minimal effort, and gets results fast.

4) Your Px Success Plan, exclusively from Physicentrix, which includes a detailed all-in-one package of information, recommendations, products and services, which means you’re setup for success with clear action steps that results in much less skepticism, confusion, or doubt.

5) Proven framework to fix your problem so you feel confident you made a good decision, which means you won’t be frustrated, disappointed, or fearful of needing injections or surgery because you trusted people that let you down, and made you waste your insurance without getting the results you wanted.

If you’re not quite ready to book an appointment yet and have some questions you would like answered first, click the link below to complete a form to get the conversation started.


1. First, you’re invited to a FREE 30-minute Discovery Visit, where we get an understanding of your problems, frustrations, fears, and goals so we can mutually establish program suitability to ensure it’s a good fit.

2. Second, we help you through a comprehensive Evaluation and prepare your detailed Px Success Plan that highlights all aspects of the program. Our skilled professionals will explain the 4 key stages of recovery, expected timelines, and cost. This provides all clients with a clear roadmap on how we can meet your goals efficiently and effectively so you’re set up for success.

3. Third, implement the plan to keep active and mobile without painkillers, scary injections, or frequent visits to the doctor…So you can feel young, strong, and powerful again.

Throughout the program you receive ongoing support and guidance that ensures your needs are met in a timely manner. By adhering to this systematic approach, the root causes of your problems are addressed while empowering you with the knowledge, tools, and expertise necessary to sustain long-term results.


We realize you may be skeptical or unsure if Physicentrix is right for you? Perhaps you had a bad experience in the past? Or you simply prefer to talk with an expert before making a decision? Just click the link below to apply for a Free, no-obligation Discovery Visit.

*Note: There is no treatment during your Discovery Visit. It’s for you to ask more questions and clarify your concerns. We can then confirm if one of our unique, individualized, high structured and researched-based programs can help you get back to feeling young, strong, and powerful again.

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