Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury or Tear

Knee pain and injury can have many causes. It can be related to soft tissue injuries such as muscle strains, ACL ligament sprains, Meniscus tears or Jumper’s Knee (inflammation or injury of the patellar tendon). Biomechanical disorders such as Runner’s Knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome) or bone conditions such as arthritis may also cause knee pain.

ACL Injury or Tear

The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL is the ligament in the middle of your knee that provides stability and prevents knee buckling. ACL injuries and tears are one of the most common problems that are involved in knee injury and pain. They occur when the lower leg bones and upper leg bones twist in opposite directions under full body weight.

In most cases ACL injury occurs during a sports-related activity, such as basketball (landing) or soccer (quick change in direction). These are largely non-contact injuries that happen without contact with another player. Often a pop or crack is heard or felt during injury followed by significant pain and inflammation. Rehabilitation is important to restore knee movement, coordination and strength. re-injury rates are higher without proper healing and strengthening.

As knee injuries and pain may differ in severity and cause a proper assessment by a physiotherapist is recommended. Physicentrix can also help you determine if any biomechanical, dietary, lifestyle, training issue or otherwise may be additional factors to consider in managing your rehabilitation.

How can Physicentrix help with an ACL tear or injury?


Consultation, treatment and advice by: Physiotherapist, Sports Massage Therapist and Naturopath

  • Shockwave Therapy (Jumper’s Knee, Tendinitis)
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Massage Therapy
  • Edema Management
  • Joint Mobilization
  • GaitScanTM Biomechanical Foot Analysis
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Advice
  • Referral to local Pharmacist or Physician for Medication or Surgery (ACL, Meniscus)


  • Custom Foot Orthotic (correct biomechanics)
  • Foam Roller (loosen tight muscles in hip and knee)
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