Hip Pain

The hip joint integrates with the lower back and pelvis and is a complex region. Lower leg biomechanics (foot, ankle, knee and related muscles) also relate to proper hip function.

Hip joint injury and pain is common in all ages and is not just limited to athletes. Physicentrix can help with many types of hip pain, whether it be related to a hip joint, muscular, nerve or biomechanical issue.

Some common causes of hip pain include:

  • Trochanteric Bursitis (inflammation of the bursae)
  • Core Stability Deficiency
  • Overuse Injuries (sports, repetitive activities)
  • Tendinopathies (inflammation and tears of ligaments)
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Groin Strains
  • Arthritis
  • Muscle Strain
  • Pinched Nerve
  • Sciatica (sciatic nerve root compression)

As such, hip pain requires a proper assessment by a physiotherapist. Physicentrix can also help you determine if any, dietary, lifestyle, training issue or otherwise may be additional factors to consider in managing your rehabilitation.

General signs and symptoms:

  • Burning or Shooting Pain in Hip and Leg
  • Pain with Activity
  • Low Back Pain or Foot Pain (may be present as well)
  • Leg Weakness and Numbness
  • Inflammation and Tenderness
  • Muscle Spasms

How can Physicentrix help with a hip pain?


Consultation, treatment and advice by: Physiotherapist, Sports Massage Therapist and Naturopath

  • Shockwave Therapy (Trochanteric Bursitis, Tendinopathies)
  • GaitScanTM Biomechanical Foot Analysis
  • Exercise Prescription
  • Ultrasound and/or Electrotherapy
  • Ice
  • Massage Therapy
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Dietary and Lifestyle Advice
  • Referral to local Pharmacist or Physician for Medication


  • Custom Foot Orthotic (correct biomechanics)
  • Foam Roller (loosen tight muscles)
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