Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom-Foot Orthotics may offer a solution if you:

• Have Sore Feet or Heel Pain
• Visible Foot Problem
• Play Sports
• Joint Pain While Walking
• Over 40yrs Old
• Overweight
• Long Periods Standing or Walking
• Family History of Foot Problems

We use the GaitScan™ Foot Biomechanical Assessment as the first step to determining your need for a treatment plan and/or orthotic products for any foot issues you may have.


What is GaitScan™?

GaitScan™ is an innovative tool that is the industry leader in dynamic scanning capabilities. It helps our professionals analyze your foot biomechanics and determine a suitable action plan that may include a recommendation for orthotic treatment.

The benefit for you is our experienced clinical team has access to a powerful tool that can detect minor flaws in your foot biomechanics and can help us identify issues that may develop into a more serious condition. We can then work together by proactively offering guidance so you can avoid any major complications that, left untreated, may lead to a serious condition.

How does the Gaitscan™ Foot Biomechanical Assessment work?

It involves a three step procedure that includes:

  • Foot Scan: Tiny sensors on the foot plate detect and measure pressure distribution while standing and in active gait (walking).
  • Visual Pressure Map: The information from the scan is used to generate a unique 2D and 3D visual pressure map.
    custom foot orthotics
  • Full Colour Printed Report: Data analysis and full visual pressure mapping is available in a printed report so we can review the results with you and discuss our recommendations – that may, or may not, include orthotic therapy. Should orthotic therapy be necessary this information will be used to ensure the orthotics are made specifically to help your individual needs.
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