We Help People in Montreal Keep Active and Mobile, WITHOUT Painkillers, Scary Injections, or Frequent Visits to the Doctor

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At Physicentrix Montreal Physiotherapy Clinic we love to help people keep active and mobile so they can do all the things that they enjoy without the worry that their pain will return.

This means a life without constantly needing pain meds to get through the day. It means avoiding the hassle of having to wait in the doctor’s office once again. It also means you can enjoy all the activities you love to do without the concern that your pain will hold you back, or the fear that one wrong move will sideline you for the next few weeks.

When you get pain in your lower back, knee, neck, shoulders, or feet…Or if you pull or tweak something during sport or exercise most people wait and hope it goes away on its own. This is normal as it’s easy to just think its no big deal and all you need is some rest. You hope you will get up one morning and feel like nothing ever happened in the first place.

We know it’s annoying…But usually this isn’t what happens. It’s likely your problem never seems to get resolved or it comes back and the pain is even more intense!

What’s more irritating is usually this happens at the worst possible time – during a super busy week when you need to meet that project deadline. Or perhaps, it’s during a well-deserved vacation that you must cut short, or on the weekend when you want to do some gardening, go for a run, or get together with your buddies for a round of golf.

It’s super easy to just “take a few pills” to get through the day – but that’s undermining your long term health and doing nothing to address the reason why you can’t keep active and mobile without pain in the first place!

Or perhaps you are frustrated and confused as you went on the internet and tried to find some help but that just led to more questions? Such as…How serious is my issue? Should I maintain my current levels of activity? Can I still go play sports or keep active? What exercises should I do, if any? Who should I talk to? What’s the difference between what you do and what other professionals do?

You might even be a bit sceptical as you have tried to get help in the past from another healthcare professional or physiotherapist and that didn’t really help you.

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

If so, we want you to know…

We Get Your Frustration!

We want you to know…You are not alone! At Physicentrix we hear this frequently. It’s very common that the people who contact us usually:



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You simply assumed the pain would disappear on its own – but all that happened was the problem never fully resolved and is even getting worse.

Visited the doctor only to be told to “take a few pills” or “just rest” – then went for a follow-up visit, only to be given MORE rest and stronger medication or a possible referral for an injection or more tests.

Enquired or been referred to a physio in the hospital only to be told there is a long wait list, then after waiting ages for the appointment – were simply handed a sheet of exercises and told to get in touch if things don’t improve, which didn’t really meet their expectations or get rid of their problem quickly, if at all.

Went on YouTube and visited “The Best Exercises For…” only to realise that nothing really changed, or it made it WAY WORSE.

Heard from a friend, colleague, or family member that “its common to get aches and pains as you get older” – so accepted that its “just part of my life now”.

Struggled because the pain was so bad that they thought the best idea would be to simply take it easy…But the area became even more stiff and nothing really changed.

Decided to put it off as finances were tight, it was a busy time at work, and thought it’s probably not a big deal anyway – only to realise later that they made a HUGE MISTAKE by not taking care of it earlier when it would have been easily managed without strong painkillers, risky surgery, and long recovery times that completely derail their lives.

Do Any Of The Above Apply To You?

If you can relate, we would love to better understand your story to help you decide if our team can provide a solution. There is an excellent chance we can HELP YOU. Simply request a call back using the contact form below.


Also, the fact you have tried some of the above already is a GOOD THING as we know what isn’t working, so we can get to the solution faster! However, we understand it’s important that you feel comfortable and we want to meet your expectations as well. It should be a good fit for everyone!

So…the types of people that get the BEST results with us are those that:

  1. Truly value their health, want a high quality of life, and have a desire to keep active and mobile into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.
  2. Understand that long term recovery is a process, and not a “quick fix”, latest “shortcut” or this month’s awesome “health hack”.
  3. Are willing to take some direction, remain open-minded and want to learn how to implement sound strategies for long term solutions to their health issues.

If this sounds good to you…Here is what you can expect from us:

A clear understanding and guidance on what’s wrong.

Sound strategies and a clear path to how we can deliver on your expectations, heal your injuries, and fix all your problem areas.

A return to the activities that you love…Often faster than expected

Keep you active and mobile while limiting painkillers, injections and frequent visits to your doctor’s office.

Increased body awareness and confidence you may not have thought possible.

A great overall experience so you leave completely satisfied and relieved that you didn’t make a bad decision in seeking our help and support.

One-on-one care with a qualified physiotherapist (no assistants or technicians) so you know you have a direct line with the person who has the best knowledge of your recovery plan and can answer any and all questions you have at any moment.


That’s why when you come in you won’t see many people coming and going. We intentionally keep visits small and private so we can deliver an experience you deserve that the public system cannot give you. Therefore, we try and treat one-on-one without using any physio assistants or technicians. This allows us to maintain focus and provide you with a higher quality visit.

If you want more info on how the team at Physicentrix Montreal Physiotherapy Clinic can help you live with less frustration, worry and pain…And get back to feeling awesome again – we invite you to:


*Note: The Discovery Visit is something we offer to people who may be nervous or sceptical about working with us, unsure of the benefits or if it’s a good fit for them. If this sounds like you, then simply apply so that we can understand your story to help you decide if our team can provide a solution.

Keep in mind there is no treatment given during this visit. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

We Are Here To Help People In Montreal…

Get the Right Answers – We will guide you through an extensive assessment process to identify the major roadblocks that are limiting your enjoyment of life. Then we’ll tell you exactly what we need to do together to correct your problem so you can heal properly and have the tools and tricks to better manage any further issues.

Keep Active – so you can work without pain, go for a run or a round of 18 holes without worrying you will re-injure yourself, or enjoy your weekend or upcoming vacation without stress or frustration.

Avoid Painkillers – so you can limit the use of medications that cause side effects and only alter the problem, but don’t resolve the reason you have the problem in the first place!

Limit Injections or Risky Surgery – Our goal is to properly manage your health issue in a timely manner so you have long term success… And you can usually dodge the hassle of further tests, injections or risky surgery.

Enjoy Life – We want you to avoid long waits and frequent visits to your doctor’s office so you can spend quality time with family and friends instead. We don’t want you to worry about a bad night’s sleep, limiting your sports or daily activities, or having to cancel an upcoming vacation because you are in too much pain.

Simply, We Want To Help You Keep Active and Mobile, WITHOUT Painkillers, Intimidating Injections, or Frequent Visits to the Doctor’s Office …

Because You Are Suffering From Daily Annoying Pain!

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Satisfaction Guarantee

After any visit should you feel like you didn’t receive a level of service that you expected or desired please inform a member of our front desk team and we will be happy to make sure you leave satisfied.