We Help You End Irritating, Daily Neck and Shoulder Pain… From Disturbing Your Sleep And Having You Suffer All Day Long!

Neck and Shoulder Pain

Are you frustrated or worried about neck and shoulder pain?

Do you have trouble looking behind you when you are backing up the car?

Or typing on your computer at work?

Or pain when you are using your smart phone?

Perhaps difficulty playing sports?

Or carrying things around the house?

Sick of wondering if you will ever be able to keep active and mobile so you can…start enjoying your life again?!

If So, The Information Below Is For You!

It’s easy to think it may not be that big of a deal and will go away on its own.

Or, maybe you think that its normal for someone your age to have neck or shoulder pain as you just “slept funny” or its just a “tweak” that you think is very common.

You can’t recall a specific time or reason why it should have happened – it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better!

If that’s happening to you, you’re not alone – we hear this type of thing all the time.

In fact, neck or shoulder pain is A VERY COMMON problem that we see in our physiotherapy clinic in Montreal.

When it comes to your neck or shoulder pain, I’m sure you want to know:

What’s Really Gone Wrong Here?…

Or perhaps,

I Have Been Taking It Easy For a While and It’s Still Bothering Me For A Few Weeks (Or Longer)… What’s The Problem?



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In fact, the majority of our clients believe that when they get neck or shoulder pain it will go away on its own.

You hope you will get up one morning and feel like nothing ever happened in the first place. We know it’s annoying… But usually this isn’t what happens.
A few months later you are still suffering from neck or shoulder pain… Usually even worse than when it first started!

Does This Sound Familiar To You?

If so, we want you to know…

We Get Your Frustration!

We understand that in many cases folks who visit our Physio Clinic have already been to the doctor and been told to “take a few pills” or “just rest” – then went for a follow-up visit, only to be given MORE rest and stronger medication or a possible referral for an injection or more tests. They often leave feeling more worried and confused as they were originally told that “things should be ok”.

The problem is that this is rarely the best advice. It’s super easy to just “take a few pills” to get through the day – but that’s undermining your long-term health and doing nothing to address the reason why you can’t keep active and mobile without pain in the first place!

This craziness explains why so many people aged 35+ are dealing with neck or shoulder pain longer than they should.

Has This Ever Happened To You Or Someone You Know?

What other reasons is my neck or shoulder pain harder to fix?

It’s because it’s super easy to get confused!

Many people are happy to give you advice…But not all of it is reliable. Perhaps you think that you have a neck problem… However, the real cause of your issue may be your shoulder. Or you may have pain or numbness down your arm that may be coming from your neck?! It’s a confusing area of your body to work out.

Without the help and guidance from a physiotherapist – neck or shoulder pain can be very hard to manage. Its one of the main reasons why our clients just think it’s a normal part of their life and they just need to accept it…Or they don’t make any decision to get help as they are just so confused on what to do.

Is This How You Feel As Well?

If You Are Frustrated Or Worried About Neck Or Shoulder Pain… Check Out These 9 Reasons Why It May Be Harder To Fix After All:

You simply assumed the pain would disappear on its own – but all that happened was the problem never fully resolved and is even getting worse.

You visited the doctor only to be told to “take a few pills” or “just rest” – then went for a follow-up visit, only to be given MORE rest and stronger medication or a possible referral for an injection or more tests.

You went to the local pharmacy and got some pain cream…Or tried a heating pad, ice pack, or bought a product from Amazon but that didn’t really help you out in the long run.

You searched on YouTube for “The Best Exercises For Neck or Shoulder Pain” only to realise that nothing really changed, or it made it WAY WORSE.

A friend, colleague, or family member said: “it’s common to get neck or shoulder pain as you get older” – so you accepted that it’s “just part of my life now”.

You struggled because the pain was so bad you thought the best idea would be to simply take it really easy… But things became even more stiff and tight and now you are even more worried.

You have seen another Healthcare Professional, or a Physio already, but you didn’t see any real improvement and don’t want to make the same mistake again.

Thought all you needed was “a few massages” to ease the pain and discomfort, and although it was great and relaxing, it only gave you short term relief without any clear understanding of the real problem or a longer-term fix.

You decided to put it off as finances were tight, it was a busy time at work, and you thought it was probably not a big deal anyway – only to realise now that you made a HUGE MISTAKE by not taking care of it earlier as you are now still in pain, concerned about what to do, and its really derailed your life.

Do Any Of The Above Apply To You?

If you can relate, we would love to better understand your story to help you decide if our team can provide a solution. Just schedule a call with one of our Physiotherapists at our Montreal Physiotherapy Clinic and see what can be done. There is an excellent chance we can HELP YOU.

Simply request a call back using the contact form below. This is a FREE call to get some additional information about how we have helped others in your situation get back to being active and mobile so they can start enjoying their lives again.

There is no obligation to work with us – although we hope you decide to do so – we simply want to allow you to get to know us better and guide you in making the right decision about what you should do to get better.


What Can I Do To Start Fixing My Neck or Shoulder Pain Now?

Well…Here are a few tips:

Moment of truth here: YOU need to decide to take proper action. Many people we talk to are excellent procrastinators…They bury their head in the sand thinking their foot pain will go away if they ignore it… But months later the problem is still there and deep down they are not happy about it… Most often their foot pain is even worse and they are now even more scared as the swelling isn’t improving and they don’t know what to do. Don’t make this mistake…Get the proper help. The true cost of not fixing your problem right away is always WAY MORE than doing a few weeks of focused treatment with a qualified expert Physio.

Follow an appropriate exercise plan that has been developed by a specialized Physiotherapist who has a clear understanding of your issue. One key component to fixing most foot pain problems is the right series of progressive exercises. Customized exercises given by a Physio will not only tackle your pain and allow you to get mobile – but will ensure your problem is handled so you maximize long term relief…Better yet, you will avoid making your problem even worse like some exercises do without the proper guidance and expertise a Physio can provide.

Avoid awkward positions and bad posture. Have you ever finished a long day with shoulder stiffness? Or woken up in the morning with a sore neck? This happens because sitting with bad posture or poor support can cause all sorts of problems in the neck and shoulders. Also, sleeping in funny positions can cause issues over time that can lead to pain. These bad habits can wear down our body so it’s even harder to get over neck or shoulder pain issues. Most of our clients see quick improvement when they are given the right strengthening exercises, in addition to hands-on treatment, so they can keep active, mobile and healthy as fast as possible.

Seek out effective, “hands-on” Physiotherapy. Physio is a proven way to deal with neck or shoulder pain. At Physicentrix these issues are very common. If your neck or shoulder pain is affecting your work, your ability to keep active and mobile, if it jeopardizes your sports activities or spending quality time with your family and friends – you deserve better! We can help you get back to all the things you enjoy doing by putting an end to irritating, daily neck and shoulder pain that’s making you restless all day long.

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*Note: The Discovery Visit is something we offer to people who may be nervous or sceptical about working with us, unsure of the benefits or if it’s a good fit for them. If this sounds like you, then simply apply so that we can understand your story to help you decide if our team can provide a solution.

Keep in mind there is no treatment given during this visit. It’s for you to ask us more questions and for us to confirm whether or not we think we can help you.

If you are still reading it’s important to mention there is encouraging news…The fact you may have tried some of the above already is a GOOD THING as we know what isn’t working, so we can get to the solution faster!

However, we understand it’s important that you feel comfortable and we want to meet your expectations as well. It should be a good fit for everyone!

So…the types of people that get the BEST results with us are those that:

  1. Truly value their health, want a high quality of life, and have a desire to keep active and mobile into their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and beyond.
  2. Understand that long term recovery is a process, and not a “quick fix”, latest “shortcut” or this month’s awesome “health hack”.
  3. Are willing to take some direction, remain open-minded and want to learn how to implement sound strategies for long term solutions to their health issues.

If this sounds good to you… Your next question is most likely:

Great... How Can a Physiotherapist at Physicentrix Start Fixing My Neck or Shoulder Pain Fast?.. I’m Sick Of It!

Here are some things our Physio Team can do to help with your neck or shoulder pain:

Give you specific information and guidance on what is wrong once and for all and start helping you right away…Often in 30mins or less.

Lower your pain and discomfort fast…Usually within a few treatments.

Suffering can lead to stress that limits your energy and ability to get a good night’s sleep…We can get you back to having a restful night and more energy during the day to start enjoying your life again!

Make sure your neck or shoulder pain is managed properly so you are healed long term and can provide you with the exact exercises FOR YOU that will optimize your recovery…Often faster than you expect.

Lower your dependence on pain medication that is causing nasty side effects and sacrificing your health long term. Plus, they are not doing anything to properly fix your neck or shoulder pain anyway.

We can optimize your chances of avoiding intimidating injections or possible risky neck or shoulder surgery.

Minimize frequent visits and long waits at the doctor’s office – plus good chances you’ll simply be given more painkillers anyway!

One-on-one care with a qualified physiotherapist (no assistants or technicians) so you know you have a direct line with the person who has the best knowledge of your recovery plan and can answer any and all questions you have at any moment.

Provide the support and awareness to give you back confidence and hope that you may not have thought possible – plus a great overall experience so you leave completely satisfied and relieved that you didn’t make a bad decision in seeking our help.

Develop a specific plan to help you return to the activities you love that your neck or shoulder pain have robbed you from until now.

Simply, We Want To Help You End Irritating, Daily Neck and Shoulder Pain… From Making You Suffer All Day Long!

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